Is Your Life Properly “Flashed”?

flashing rot

A clergyperson who has been an Associate Pastor in a rich church and the head of a ministry that deals with homelessness says that the main difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people have money to better cover up or hide their problems.

Today my wife and I found out we had some problems we didn’t know we had.  We are having James Hardie board installed on our house and today the old stuff, a layer of vinyl siding and a layer of wood, was stripped off the side of our home.  We knew the wood would not look good. When we began payments on our home in 1989 we could not afford to do what we wanted to do:  have the wood repaired.  So we put vinyl siding, which we don’t particularly like, on our home.  It hid the wood problem.  Today we learned the company that installed the vinyl siding did a poor job in several places.  Specifically, flashing was needed and instead of doing the job right the company just “threw up” the vinyl siding.  Now we have rot with which to deal in two locations.  The main area is highlighted by red lines in the photo above.  You might call it a corner of rot.

What would people see if your “vinyl siding” was removed?  “Wood” that had never been repaired?  “Rot”?

Have you properly “flashed” your life?

Flashing is a thin layer of waterproof material that keeps water from getting into places it doesn’t belong.

Let me suggest counseling, being a part of a faith community, meditation, walking labyrinths, taking long walks, hiking, and doing yoga as some ways to flash your life.  Maybe take up photography or quilting or painting.  Flashing can be achieved in many different ways, but we must have flashing.

Be assured of this:  strong winds and rains will come.

Goofed-up Bible (Matthew 97:102-105) – Don’t worry about kids you did not procreate


And Jesus told the crowds, listening intently, “I know you are good God people and you won’t to please God, but you can’t do everything and be everything to everybody.  For example, you are not responsible for children you did not procreate.  Feeding your own clan and taking care of their needs is your first and only responsibility.  If people can’t practice responsible birth control or bring an appropriate number of children into the world, then let those people suffer watching their children suffer.  Any questions?  Good.  Now move out and go take care of your families.”  (Matthew 97:102-105, Goofed-Up Bible)