A Prayer For Meaningful Church (With A Little Church History Thrown In For Good Measure)

church steeple

When certain Christians of North Africa in the early fourth century were accused of illegally gathering, they made a confession that contributed to their martyrdom:  ‘We cannot be without the dominicum.’  Dominicum is ‘the thing of the Lord,’ . . . .they meant. . .they could not be Christians or even live in any real sense without the assembly and its content, the risen Lord.  (Gordon W. Lathrop, Holy Things:  A Liturgical Theology, p. 39)


Make our Sunday gatherings so vital and meaningful and empowering that people are dying to attend and upon attending are better suited to change themselves and the world as befitting the kingdom of God.

Let our Sunday gatherings not be entertainment, self-absorption and self-satisfaction, or homiletical dribble or staid prayers or ego-infused singing and instrumentals.  Let our Sunday worship facilitate both the inner and outward journey.