Pray This Prayer With Me: Let This Day Be The Advent Of . . .



Let this day be the advent/the arrival of people wanting to do something good with their life.

For the person who has lived solely to please others, including people who can’t be pleased, let this day be the advent of the feeling that their life finally belongs to them.

Not the next day or the following week or a future year, but this day – let this day be the day we face what we have ignored to the detriment of ourselves and the detriment of others.

And yes, this day can be the advent of listening to those who have been most silenced by society.

May this Advent season be saturated with life and world transforming advents.



Goofed-Up Bible Luke 102:11-16 Jesus Refuses To Provide A Theme For Worship


Luke 102:11-15

After a long day of healing the sick and feeding the hungry, as the sun set, Jesus and his disciples gathered around a fire in which fish were being cooked.  Always the planner, Peter spoke up, “Jesus, can you provide us a theme for tomorrow’s worship?”  Jesus rebuked Peter, “I shall not give you a theme.”  Peter was insistent, “How can the people learn what you have to teach unless there is a theme?”  Jesus, wishing for the meal to be a peaceful one and knowing Peter’s obsessive personality, said, “Ok, the themes are God loves you and love your neighbor.”  Peter responded, “We can’t have two themes.  Worship must have only one theme.”