A Prayer for the Torturers

torture 2


A prayer for the torturers for they will be tortured for performing atrocious actions on human beings.  Their sleep will be tortured.  Their conscious will be tortured.  Their legacy will be tortured.  Their lives will be tortured.

Rationalizations will not work.  Perhaps for awhile justifications will soothe but the cement will crack and questioning about one’s character and soul will dominate their thinking.

They will see in their minds the faces of those tortured.  They will hear the screams of the tortured.  They will drink water and relive the experience of water being poured down the nostrils of the tortured.

A prayer for the torturers.  They will need all the prayer they can get.


Bitch slapped, Drinking, Sex, and Christmas Musical – Annual Meeting of Senior Golfers

raintre seniors

If you want to have fun join a senior golf group.  There will be no shortage of laughter.

Recently Raintree Country Club Senior men golfers gathered for our annual meeting.  Before the auspicious occasion started, senior golfers were softened up with high-test coffee and muffins.

Our President, sitting at a table with a portable podium, alongside the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, opened this very official looking meeting with the same greeting he uses in his email blasts to the group.  “Gentlemen!.”

I haven’t figured out if “Gentlemen!” is a statement of fact or a prayer request.

One of the items on the agenda was a change in the by-laws, which had been emailed for our perusal prior to the meeting.  I guy sitting directly behind me whispered to his buddies, “I know they are going to bitch but I’m going to do it anyway.”  He was right. When the President asked for comments/discussion this brave soul said, “There is a grammatical error which needs our attention.”  He proceeded to read the error and offer a substitute.  As he anticipated, the crowd of senior golfers hissed and groaned and moaned at the grammar police.  “I knew, I knew,” he said, “they were going to bitch slap me.”

Everybody roared with laughter.

Now that the official business was over, the meeting was ready to be adjourned, so we could go out and play a round of golf.  But before the motion to adjourn could be made, a senior golfer asked if he could speak.  Walking up to the podium, the tall golfer with an English accent, said, “I know there are things we Senior golfers like to do besides play golf.”  He paused for dramatic effect.  “Like drink and have sex.”  Once again everybody roared with laughter.  Then he said, “I’m singing in a Christmas musical and I’d love for you to come to it.”

Bitch-slapped, drinking, sex, and a Christmas musical.  Welcome to Senior golf!

By the way, Raintree Senior men golfers won the city championship this year.  As they say, “if it’s true, it ain’t braggin’.”

I Am A Christmas Decorations Pharisee

Wedgewood Church, along with First Christian Church, recently hosted Picturing the Parables of Jesus, a national traveling art exhibit of Christians In The Visual Arts (CIVA).  The most repugnant piece for me in the exhibit was Andy Rash’s The Pharisee and the Tax Collector.

Rash_A_The Pharisee and theTax Collector

The reason the piece was so repugnant to me is I find the Pharisee to be so off-putting, so like many modern Christians.  In the parable the Pharisee says, “Thank God I’m not like other people — robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector.”

I try to be humble and not have feelings of superiority, but there is one area in which I tend to be a self-righteous Pharisee.  And that area is Christmas decorating.

Now that Thanksgiving is over Christmas decorations are going up and – and God forgive me, the word “tacky” is not sufficient enough to describe some of the Christmas displays I’ve seen.  Ugly.  Hideous.  Horrid.  Unseemly.  Actually, none of those words quite capture what I see.  Wish I could think of a word that works but even Pharisee Me can’t think of one.

Prayer:  God, help Pharisee Me to keep in mind that You don’t care about my personal preferences, and that there are more important things in the world to worry about than any of my PP’s.  Remind me that some of my gay friends who have the decorating gene have criticized my decorating decisions.  Amen.