Pray This Prayer With Me – We Cry About . . .

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We cry about

prayers not answered

people stuck in addiction

mistakes made early in life

relationships we don’t have

relationships which are like sour milk

relationships which are superficial at best

the craziness that drives us crazy

harms inflicted and harms suffered

rejections, great and small

health that is debilitating

the parts of life that make no sense whatsoever

Hear our cries, O Lord.  Amen.


Pray This Prayer With Me – Not Wanted During The Voyage

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The voyage is long.

Not wanted during the voyage:



Dead weight

Violent storms


Drama queens


Bad food

Argument after argument after argument

Getting off course

Loss of life

Provide smooth sailing, or at the very least, enough patience and compassion to coexist. And throw in a few people we can really enjoy.


Mark 108:1-4 (Goofed-up Bible) – Jesus Chooses Inner Journey


Jesus was led into the wilderness where he was tempted for 40 days and 40 nights.  It was tough.  Hot, scare water, no food, loneliness, and just general bad accommodations and circumstances.  Not to let a challenging situation defeat him, Jesus used the opportunity to go deeper on his inner journey.  In the stark environment Jesus’ self-discovery was liberating, eye-opening, life transforming.  His mediation practice was stress relieving.  Jesus’ practice of yoga freed up energies in his body heretofore imprisoned throughout his muscular system.  Jesus breathed in and breathed out, and in one breathe he realized that being a God person was solely, completely about the inner journey.  The inner journey was the end all, the telos, and so rather than leave the wilderness Jesus lived in the wilderness the rest of his life.  Mark 108:1-4 (Goofed-up Bible)