Indiana Christian Business People – some suggestions on other people with whom not to do business


Indiana Christians believe their religious freedom is being compromised.  Having Baptist roots myself, I highly value religious freedom.  Roger Williams is a hero of mine.  I’d like to suggest Indiana Christians do some historical research on religious freedom in the United States and in Europe.  It would be good for them to learn about state-sponsored religions in England and Europe and how non-state-sponsored religions suffered and were persecuted.  Not much in the history books, though, about Christian business people being forced to serve people they think are off-the-chart sinners.

Of course, unlike National Rifle Association Christians, I do not believe the interpretation of our constitution is set in concrete. The U.S. constitution, like the Bible, is a living document (as our all documents).  So we must entertain the Indiana Christians’ concern.  Is the religious freedom of Indiana Christians really being compromised? Does religious freedom include the right to discriminate against others?

Mike Pence, Indiana’s governor, claims Indiana citizens are nice people.  You know, good church people.  On national television yesterday, though, Governor Pence refused to make the simple statement that the LGBT population should not be discriminated against.  He was unable to say Indiana Christians should have religious freedom AND that sexual orientation and gender identity minorities should not experience discrimination.  Governor Pence, we are not stupid.  We do not believe your mantra about Indiana’s legislation being only about religious freedom.

I find it interesting that Indiana Christians who are business owners are only concerned about serving the LGBT population, particularly those wanting flowers and other services for weddings.  Why aren’t they concerned about serving:  1) people who don’t give a damn about the poor, 2) people who are rich, the people Jesus said don’t have a snowball’s chance of understanding kingdom of God values, 3) people who pollute and destroy God’s good Earth, and 4) people who are war mongers?

Purity tests really don’t work for Christians.  The purity lists are always selective for the Christians. Conveniently, the Christians focus on “sins” the Christians supposedly don’t commit.  But there are no perfect Christians and so purity lists never work for anyone at any time.