Some Great Body Theology


Some in the early church took a very tragic turn when it comes to the body.  To explore this regrettable turn, check out Reading Renunciation: Asceticism and Scripture in Early Christianity by Elizabeth Clark.

A more wholesome and healthy theology of the body is described by Rubem Alves.

the body

It is like a garden, where flowers and fruits grow.

The smile grows there,



the will to struggle,


the desire to plant gardens,

to bear children,

to hold hands and stroll,

to know . . .

And its ever-rising waters overflow, they run out of it, and the dry desert becomes a watered oasis. That’s the way it is:  in this body . . .

Have your ever thought about this? that at Christmas what is celebrated is our body, as something that God desires?

the body. . . it is a welcoming lap.

The ear that hears the lament in silence, without anything said

The magical capacity to hear someone’s tears, far away, never seen, and to weep also.

My body overflows and fertilizes the world.

(Believe in the Resurrection of the Body, pp. 7-8)

Verses To Add To The Bible


Thou shalt not form any nations.  No lines shall be put on globes or maps denoting one nation from another.  You shall live together in peace.

Thou shalt not construct races based on skin color or other factors.  There is only one pertinent category:  human being.

Thou shall share all resources equally.  All shall be fed, clothed, housed, and receive proper medical attention.  The Earth and all that is on it is the Lord’s, not yours, not yours to decide how to divvy up.  You shall live in peace.