Give me your Cilantro!


I learned today that some folk hate Cilantro.  Read in the Wall Street Journal that there’s actually a Facebook group devoted to Cilantro hate.

Well, to each his own.

As for me, give me your Cilantro.  I’ll take what you don’t want.  I love it!  In fact, I hereby put everybody on notice that I want Cilantro placed in my coffin.  Oh, I know that sounds morbid, and it is, but I love Cilantro.

I love Mexican food too.  I’m hoping God is Mexican.  Eternity is a long time and the idea of one long Mexican fiesta with bunches of Cilantro—oh, the thought of it.

But I can’t expect everybody to be like me.  Isn’t that a big part of the world’s problem—we expect everybody else to be like us!

I’m praying Cilantro-lovers and Cilantro-haters can peacefully co-exist.

Goofed-up Bible Matthew 44:44


Matthew 44:44

“Go ye therefore and construct church buildings and fellowship halls and put nice organs in your sanctuaries, and then you listen to sermons and beautiful music and sit around in Sunday School classrooms and talk about the Bible.  And don’t forget to buy a church van so you can take the elderly and youth on nice outings.”

To Blog Or Not To Blog


Blogging, not to be confused with flogging, which is what Christians fantasize about doing with preachers who preach too long, seems to be the internet rage right now.  Blogging, best I can tell, is sharing your personal journey on the internet with God and everybody, assuming, of course, God would be interested in blogs.


Growing up Baptist, or being Baptist by genetic defect as Delbridge Narron, a Wedgewoodian, puts it, I am intimately aware of testimony time.  At Sunday night worship—-Yes, we were in the steeples all the time.—-As Clarence Jordan observes, “We’ll worship the hind legs off of Jesus but never do a thing he said to do.”—-at Sunday night worship from time to time someone gave his or her testimony, an account usually of  how much of a worm they used to be and how Jesus came into their life and transformed them, changed everything.  That is, they shared their conversion story.  Needless to say, many people because of Jesus have turned out for the better.  Others—————–others I’m not so sure about.  Anyway, during the course of sharing their testimony the Christian frequently would delve into past sins and it could get a bit—–a bit spicy, a tad interesting, almost x-rated.  Sitting in your pew you would think, I’m not sure I would have shared that.  You did what?  With whom?  At what age?  Aren’t you glad your Momma didn’t  find out and “burn you a new one”!


Which leads me back to blogging.  When I read some of the blogs on the internet (And I haven’t read very many, just enough to get me prepared for doing my own blog.) I found myself thinking, “I’m not sure I would have shared that.”  My other impression was, Why am I wasting my precious time reading this?, similar to my reaction to watching television shows that should have never made it on the air or exploring one more website that feels like it is as nourishing as the Sahara Desert.


I’ll do my best not to waste your time reading my blog entries, even though compared to Mother Teresa


or Al Gore


or  Eva Longoria (who I find interesting)


my life is not all that interesting.  On the other hand, I have met, been blessed with the opportunity to know—-that would not be know “in the Biblical sense” as in Joe Hebrew knew his wife and she got pregnant—-I’ve been blessed to know, in the sense of being very lucky to be in relationship with or cross paths with, some very  fascinating, extra-ordinary human beings.  In this blog, I’ll share my views with respect to current events, politics, religion, biblical scholarship, etc., but what I most look forward to doing is filling you in on the folk who’ve made my life as spicy and hot as the chili at Lupes restaurant in Charlotte, NC.  (Did you see the flames coming off the word “Lupes”?  I hurt for three days after eating that chili.  More about that later.)


Let the blogging begin!





Goofed-up Bible Luke 55:72


Luke 55:72

And Jesus said, “If you want to get into heaven, you must believe that I was born of a virgin, in the concept of a Trinity, and that the Bible which will come together in a few hundred years (Not everyone will ever agree what should be in the Bible but you’ll know the right list.) is inerrant and infallible.  The doctrines you believe are much more important than how you live.”